An open challenge for anyone willing to commit to 50 days of reflection.

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Some people have answers, but I, for one, have lot of questions. That inner voice is dying for a dialogue and I have to feed it with some (a lot of, actually) reflection.

Bobby Kountz is right. We need space between the space. We need time between the time. I know I do. I have been neglecting my writing for a long, long time. All focus and energy went into growing the publication and not enough into creating content for me. …

It’s not always smooth sailing.

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There are dozens of things I wish I knew before I created my publication on Medium, back in late November 2019. Instead, I cluelessly jumped headfirst into the intimidating world of editing and publishing. For that reason, I faced many setbacks, made loads of errors, and experienced incredibly slow growth until February this year, when I began applying everything I learned over a year and a half.

Building and managing a publication is, by no means, an easy task. Hats down to everyone who signed up for it, you’re doing an amazing job. It is a rollercoaster of disasters and…

Announcing the release of my first workbook

Picture of the Author — Yep, it does say Know Thyself, Heal Thyself!

Wohoooo! What an exciting day this is.😀 And oh, man, what a wild ride creating this journal has been!

I am ultra excited to announce that this journal is available on all Amazon marketplaces in both Kindle and Paperback format, as well as on as a downloadable pdf.

What Is It All About?

Your girl is all about integrating that shadow self & asking the right reflective questions (almost all of the prompts I realease on a weekly basis are questions) so I thought why not mix the two together and build a practical workbook? It contains a total of 156 pages, 7 sections…

How can you harvest love, good energy and meaningful connections?

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Part of the healing journey is finding ways to do for ourselves what an adult/parent in our life may not have been able to do, for whatever reason. This requires awareness of the ways in which we withdraw love, presence and connection from our own self first and foremost.

If intimacy and connection were unsafe for us as children, it’s very likely that, as adults, we unconciously reject bids from partners and friends who intend to connect. Even if our ultimate goal is to harvest love and relatedness, our system might struggle to allow it.

We are all deserving of…

Unsuitable content, poorly credited pics & copyright issues

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Editors on Medium spend a long time publishing submissions and an even longer time messaging writers about little adjustments that need to be made before the article can hit the feed of the publication. This is where the saying “work smarter, not harder” comes in, making the process of editing a little easier. How?

Through a set of standard messages.

It took me quite some while to figure out the fact that writers tend to follow similar patterns when it comes to submitting content. …

How can you wash away the idea that there is a certain standard that you have to exhibit to be enough?

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Trying new things and offering them to the world takes courage. Bringing creative ideas to life has labor pains — and I, Diana, make the process ten times worse for myself than it has to be, by telling myself there’s an extremely high standard I have to meet before I can even begin considering myself enough.

More often than not, the path we choose to take in life is one of struggle, because that’s the only one we’re familiar with, the only one we believe is effective as far as proving ourselves worthy of receiving what we need and desire…

How can you give people space to absorb whatever they’re experiencing without assumption, judgement or projection?

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We’re the slaves of our own realities, seeing, hearing and feeling differently to everyone else. The stories we tell ourselves about the world will never coincide with the stories other people tell themselves about the world. Our past and present experiences have been subconsciously filtered differently to everybody else’s and viceversa. How can we, then, get along and coexist without traces of judgment, assumption and projection?

I have my doubts that it’s entirely possible to never fall into the trap of either of the things mentioned above and, maybe, it’s not so much about attempting to avoid these traps, as…

Have you ever healed your fear of abandonment to the point where you don’t sleep with someone for the sake of being chosen?

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Sex is cool.

But have you ever healed your fear of abandonment to the point where you don’t sleep with others for the sake of being chosen?

When people throw the “I wish I had a healthy sexual education” statement around, I wonder whether they’re considering the fact that sex and sexuality conversations are supposed to go far beyond just learning how to use contraceptive methods and getting to know the anatomy of the human body. A healthy sexual education means addressing the trauma behind one night stands and meaningless connections, without shame.

Exploring our erotic essence is only possible…

How can you liberate your fiercest, loving nature?

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You are not going to burn out, you’re just beginning. You have an entire galaxy of stars burning fiercely inside of you and once the blaze begins it’s impossible to annihilate. Passion can’t be contained.
Melody Lee

When excavating for authenticity in somebody, there will be plenty of setbacks that will require us to liberate our fiercest, loving nature. People don’t reveal the depth of their longings, emotions and wisdom from day one. They may not know how to free themselves from old wounds, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve the depth of love and intimacy they wish…

How can you actively train your capacity to receive and give love?

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Have you ever received a message on social media from somebody offering their services to help you find love — your one and only soulmate? I’m nearly starting to miss those days. Now it’s more about people wanting to help you find love within you, rather than in someone else. The days of love oracle readings are over, it’s the era of “hashtag love yourself”.

Strange and funny how it all works. In our attempts to train ourselves to give more love to our surroundings, we tend to neglect ourselves (and viceversa). Then we might have a revelation that helps…

Diana C.

I'm very much down to Earth. Just not this Earth |

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