Six-word memoirs

Some writers are in love with their words to the point of distraction — a narcissistic love that is draining for most editors. Okay, maybe that’s too much of a generalization, but will you at least consider cutting down on overdressing your stories and show us the meat already? …

Beat the Block Challenge: Day 1

… When it could be turned into momentum

When we step into our honesty with bold expressions of our fullness (including proclamations of pain and struggle), we gain momentum in life. We make a way through chaos as chaos makes its way through us, and that is evolution.

This past year, I gained momentum by embodying vulnerability as…

Selection of stories your creative synapses may like to mull over (Saturday, 16th of October)

Happy Sunday!

Today’s words are RELAX, RELEASE, REEVALUATE, RECONSIDER & RECOVER. Not necessarily in this order, though.

Saturday was a day filled with depth and food for thought, as Desiree Driesenaar submitted her article How to Connect to Your Ancestors and Heal Some Karma with Curiosity and Joy. When her…

Selection of stories your creative synapses may like to mull over (Thursday, 14th of October)

Does staring at a blank word document and randomly moving the cursor every few minutes so that the laptop doesn’t turn to screensaver count as writing? Because if it does, I deserve an award for it!

Some people set word count goals…Do they actually work? I’ve found a website called…

KTHT challenge #3

Challenge number three? Wait, what do you mean?

Over the last few months, KTHT has grown immensely. Many of our current active writers weren’t on the platform a few months ago, when we launched our first 30 Day Poetry Challenge:

As a matter of fact, they probably weren’t around for…

Witches, love potions & cozy breakfasts

Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul. Mark Twain

We have a power-packed week ahead, folks! The kind of week that could set in motion some positive changes. Buckle up and let’s take a look at what’s coming up for us. ♡

Selection of stories your creative synapses may like to mull over (Tuesday, 12th of October)

It’s not about the words that come out of your mouth. It’s about the words that come out of your heart. — Lotus Love

Our tantalizing collections are filled with inspiration, love, compassion, understanding and vulnerability. That is what we aim for as a publication, hence we’ve started cutting down…

Anonymous confessions & chats

We live in a time where we feel safer surfing the Internet than we feel around close friends and family. Whilst this sense of safety can often prove to be false, hiding our identity provides us with the possibility of opening up about our darkest secrets and confessions to total…

Legends | Folktales | Myths

Short story

Storytelling forges connections between people and ideas. It is a powerful way through which we can learn and reflect on different perspectives and experiences. It is well-known that stories get our creative juices flowing, making us a little more knowledgeable.

Such are the folktales and traditional stories of the Cherokee

Diana C.

Quixotic vintage soul & full time scribbler.

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