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Firstly, thanks for existing in our little galaxy called Know Thyself, Heal Thyself!

As you may or may not know, over the last few months I’ve looked for ways to improve the publication so that it better serves the needs of our contributors and audience. I consider myself very lucky and am extremely grateful to be able to collaborate with so many people from all around the globe! That’s why it’s so important to receive your honest feedback.

To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.
 — Stephen Levine

Help me understand your needs…

According to Interesting Literature, Truman Capote would often write while lying on his back, with a glass of sherry in one hand and a pencil in the other. What’s your excuse for not experimenting with various ways of creating content? If you feel stuck in a rut, it’s probably because you’ve been sitting at your desk for too long. No worries, dear writers and editors, this article is dedicated to you!

There are so many fun writing activities you can try out anywhere, anytime. …

Creative prompts handpicked for you every Monday & Friday

Dear writers and readers,

This is our last edition of the Creative Corner. We’ve had 6 weeks of fun, creativity, meaningful engagement, stimulation and playfulness, which allowed us to explore the depths of our mind and the truths of our soul. May we continue to feel these truths glide across our skin for a long time!

Now it’s time to plant our feet, unleash our roots, straighten our back and rise. It’s the season of change, of making shifts from within. What a lovely, enjoyable process!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for some spooky October prompts and pumpkin spice latte…

Selection of stories your creative synapses may like to mull over (Thursday, 23rd of September)

What array of colors are visible to you in this moment? Not your typical question to start the day with, but I’m serious. Take a look around and notice the tones, shades and subtleties. How might they inspire you?

Now take a look at the following poems and let me know which ones touched you, tickled your senses and nourished your mind and soul. No, wait, I’ll go first!

Shivangi Patel in her Dear, You poem made me think of a specific someone as I was reading it — someone I would love to reassure that growth takes time and…

Selection of stories your creative synapses may like to mull over (Wednesday, 22nd of September)

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.
Edgar Allan Poe

As promised in the latest weekly roundup article, I’ve worked on gathering your stories into a collection of masterpieces, that you’ll be able to easily access on a daily basis from now on. This is a system that will encourage more engagement from both new and regular writers, so that we can all continue to reach our goals, both collectively and individually.

The survey so many of you kindly filled in revealed that engagement is something we all strive for. Not only…

Answer this question truthfully.

Usually when people ask “What do you for a living?” it’s so they can start calculating the level of respect they believe you are worthy of. In this case, however, we’ll move beyond professional achievements and focus on personal ones.

What you do for a living is much more simpler, yet complex than titles and labels. What you do is your best. You think of things differently. You’re true to yourself. You’ve lived through some of the worst times but still look to see the best in people. You’re strong in ways that remind others of their own powers. You…

Here’s how I feel about this.

I am a leaf and fall has started
I was asked to write
How I feel about this;
It’s funny to demand
Such a thing from a leaf!
I’m not a writer per se
But I promise
I’ll try my best.

As my vibrant shades of green
Begin to slowly fade,
I wonder
What am I?
The leaf that endured
The darkness?
The light that refuses
To surrender?

I don’t know if humans
Ask themselves
The same questions
These ideas
seem to come
From a weird place
Beyond the planes
Of existence.

But back to the question,
I enjoy the now

Creative prompts handpicked for you every Monday & Friday

Some settle for what they have right now, others have a desire within them that won’t be quenched until they feel like they are the master of their domain. This mastery shows up in different ways for different people. For us, as writers, it might be a desire to get more content out there. To reach more people. To discover a new niche or experiment with new writing styles.

Prompts are more than just prompts. They offer us a glimpse into the creative, intuitive and feeling world. They are a never ending well of inspiration. …

Harassment, cyberbullying & attention seeking individuals

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself is a peaceful, positive, friendly publication. In over 2 years as an editor, I only had to block 2 people. In both cases I wanted to make sure these people truly deserved to be removed as contributors. I needed tangible proof that their behavior online wasn’t acceptable. Why? Because I would never cease collaborating with someone simply because they make me feel uncomfortable. If they negatively impact the community, however, actions need to be taken.

There are all kinds of ways to engage with articles, which include asking questions for clarity or taking the essence of…

Diana C.

I'm very much down to Earth. Just not this Earth.

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