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Who am I?

My Latin name speaks of luminosity and fruitfulness, which are accurate descriptions, given the fact that I am someone who strives to light the path to the edge of another Universe, where courage, resilience and strength prevade. Perhaps this desire is linked to being a descendant of powerful conquerers? Who knows. I surely do my very best to birth words that gently touch and soothe as many souls as possible. I may fail miserably at doing so sometimes, but I’ve learned to be okay with having my weakest moments spilled out on full display.

I’m 23 but this number…

Issue Nº11.

“I choose to make love and give myself what I need on a core level, as I stay present (in my senses; nervous system/body) all the way through the process. I ‘make love’ by co-creating what I do want and what is for me, by putting myself in the mindset where I am consistently more open to receiving what is aligned on a soul level.”

I really wanted to begin today’s newsletter with an empowering affirmation from my Tarot Reading Daily email. I usually don’t read them and just archive them straight away, but today I probably needed a bit…

Healed people heal people.

Their path is more difficult
Because their calling is
They are afraid
But still have the
To do it anyway,
Their feelings are hurt
But they still try to find the words
express them all;

They embody resolution
Healing & justice
They embrace their
While exploring the unique sense
Of their individual complexity —
They value
They value the transformative power of

These old souls, from all around the world
Have gathered together
to heal
And to
be healed
To be the
They wanted to see in the
To feel the
love that they already are
And spread…

Issue Nº11.

Never doubt your story has value, and merit, and by sharing it you could help someone else you have never met come to terms with something in their life. No one’s life story is boring. — Holly Salsman

Do you sometimes get that weird itch to pave a different path? I know I do, especially when I read pieces of writing that inspire me to put myself out there more and to curiously explore the unknown. This week was filled with many such stories! …

KTHT challenge #2

It’s been 2 months since I published the 30 day Poetry Challenge and let me just say, I did not expect it to become viral! People all across Medium joined it and spread the word about it — a few have finished it and many more are currently delighting us with their poems. Grateful for all editors who accepted those pieces that were submitted to their publications! My deepest thanks to you.♡

This second challenge is a 15 Day Writing Challenge, which means its permissive in terms of writing style/format. You can submit poems, short stories, journal entries, fiction, essays…

Reflections mixed with ancient wisdom.

Why is it that when I searched the word “joyful” on Pixabay to choose an image for my article, most of the pics that showed up were of children laughing? I thought “where are all my adults at?”, then closed the page.

Joy is one of the signs that our inner child is still alive. How much of it we experience is directly linked to how well we tender to our younger version’s needs, such as understanding how we needed to be loved as children, how we needed to be listened to, encouraged, touched, etc., so that we can do…

7th–12th of June

The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there’s no ground. — Chogyam Trungpa

Today was filled with revelations.

One of them was in regard to having nervous breakdowns and how negatively we view these experiences. I realized that all it takes to shift this mindset is to replace the second word with breakthrough. So, who else is having nervous breakthroughs at the moment? High-five! ✋

The second revelation was about the saying “hurt people hurt people”. If that is true, then common sense dictates that “healed people…

Issue Nº10.

After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. — Philip Pullman

Every story is a chance to make someone feel less alone. What you may perceive as ordinary, may very well seem extraordinary to someone else. Pain, life changing experiences, heartbreak, joy, laughter, growth, they all need to be written about, loud and clear, for someone will surely relate to your words and be impacted in ways you never imagined possible.

Friday (Kunzite)

This gemstone is all about love — love that is unquestionable and unshakeable. Love that is shared through thoughts, actions and words…

Promptastic June

One reason we rush so quickly to the vulgar satisfactions of judgment, and love to revel in our righteous outrage, is that it spares us from the impotent pain of empathy, and the harder, messier work of understanding. — Tim Kreider

Ever since embarking on the journey of getting to know myself a little better, my energy levels have been up more often than they’ve been down. I believe part of this is due to setting firm boundaries, not only with others but also with those really high expectations I have of myself when it comes to being productive. …

Divine Blossoms 4/4

Soulful Poetry

Hate is poison
It should never be chosen;
Love is grace
Will you choose it
In this

Will you remain kind when you’re hurt
When you need the most support?
Will you not repay
With cruelty
Those who’ve treated you

Will you still choose to forgive
When you fall into the abyss?
There’s no control
Over what happens
Your response
Is all that matters…

This poem was written last year as part of my second poetry book. Reading it brought back memories of the early days of my journey, when kindness and grace were still unknown territories, patiently…

Diana C.

I'm very much down to Earth. Just not this Earth.

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